P0233 Fault Code

P0233 OBD-II Trouble Code Short Description

Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit Intermittent

What does trouble code P0233 mean?

The P0233 fault code indicates an issue with the fuel pump secondary circuit, specifically an intermittent connection or lack of communication between the fuel pump and the fuel pump module. This fault code is common in vehicles with electronic fuel injection systems.

The solution to this issue can vary depending on the root cause of the problem. It may involve replacing the fuel pump module, checking and repairing any damaged wiring, or reprogramming the Engine Control Module (ECM). A mechanic or technician will use diagnostic tools to determine the exact cause of the fault, and provide a recommended repair plan.

It is important to address this fault code as soon as possible, as it can lead to poor fuel economy, decreased engine performance, and potential stalling or no-start issues.


What are the symptoms of the P0233 code?

Symptoms of P0233 - Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit Intermittent fault code on cars are:

  1. Engine misfires or stalls.
  2. Difficulty in starting the engine.
  3. Decrease in engine power.
  4. Poor fuel economy.
  5. Illumination of the check engine light.
  6. Irregular fuel pump operation.
  7. Vehicle may jerk or hesitate during acceleration.
  8. Fuel smell in the vehicle.
  9. Loss of power while driving.

In case of the occurrence of any of these symptoms, it is recommended to take your car to a professional mechanic for proper diagnosis and repair.


What causes the P0233 code?

The possible causes of P0233 fault code on cars are:

  1. Faulty fuel pump relay
  2. Loose, damaged, or corroded wiring connections in the fuel pump circuit
  3. Malfunctioning fuel pump driver module
  4. Faulty fuel pump control module
  5. Failed fuel pump itself
  6. Corroded or damaged fuel tank wiring grounds
  7. Faulty fuel pressure sensor
  8. Blown fuse in the fuel pump circuit

Possible Solutions

How to fix P0233?

Here are some possible solutions to fix P0233 fault code on cars related to fuel pump secondary circuit intermittent:

  1. Check and replace the fuel pump relay if it's faulty.
  2. Inspect the fuel pump wiring harness for any damage or corrosion and repair if necessary.
  3. Verify the fuel pump ground connection and clean it if needed.
  4. Hook up a scan tool and check for any stored trouble codes related to the fuel system, and repair those issues.
  5. In some cases, the fuel pump may need to be replaced if all other components check out fine.

Note: It's recommended to seek professional help if you're not familiar with the auto electrical system or troubleshooting procedures.