P0006 Fault Code

P0006 OBD-II Trouble Code Short Description

Fuel Shutoff Valve "A" Control Circuit Low

What does trouble code P0006 mean?

The P0006 fault code refers to an issue with the fuel shutoff valve "A" control circuit being low. This means that there is a problem with the electrical circuit that controls the fuel shutoff valve for the fuel system.

The fuel shutoff valve is responsible for controlling the flow of fuel to the engine, allowing it to start and stop as needed. When the control circuit for this valve is low, it means that there is a problem with the electrical components that are responsible for opening and closing the valve.

Potential causes for this fault code include a malfunctioning fuel shutoff valve, a faulty electrical connection or wiring, a blown fuse, or a problem with the engine control module (ECM) that is responsible for controlling the valve.

To diagnose and fix the issue, it is recommended to start by inspecting the electrical connections and wiring related to the fuel shutoff valve. Check for any loose or damaged connections, and repair or replace them as necessary. Additionally, check the fuses related to the fuel system and replace any blown fuses.

If the electrical components are inspected and found to be in good condition, it may be necessary to replace the fuel shutoff valve itself. However, this should be done after a thorough diagnosis to ensure that the valve is indeed the cause of the issue.

Finally, if the problem persists even after these steps, it is recommended to have the vehicle diagnosed by a qualified mechanic or bring it to a dealership. They will have access to specialized diagnostic equipment and expertise to determine the exact cause of the fault code and provide a proper repair solution.

In conclusion, the P0006 fault code indicates a low control circuit for the fuel shutoff valve "A". The potential causes range from electrical connection issues to a faulty valve itself, and the recommended solution involves inspecting and repairing the electrical connections, checking fuses, and possibly replacing the fuel shutoff valve if necessary.


What are the symptoms of the P0006 code?

When a car encounters a P0006 fault code, the following symptoms may be observed:

  • Check engine light (MIL) is illuminated
  • Loss of engine power or acceleration
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Start stall condition
  • Difficulty starting the engine
  • Rough idling or engine misfire

Please note that these symptoms may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle.


What causes the P0006 code?

The P0006 fault code indicates a Fuel Shutoff Valve "A" Control Circuit Low problem. This fault code can be caused by several issues, including:

  1. Faulty fuel shutoff valve: The fuel shutoff valve itself may be malfunctioning, causing it to remain in the closed position or not responding properly to control signals.

  2. Short circuit or open circuit: There may be a short or open circuit in the wiring harness that connects the fuel shutoff valve to the engine control module (ECM). This can prevent the ECM from properly controlling the valve.

  3. Faulty ECM: The ECM, which controls various engine functions including the fuel shutoff valve, may be faulty or damaged. This can result in a low control circuit signal.

  4. Poor electrical connections: Loose or corroded electrical connections between the fuel shutoff valve and the ECM can cause a low control circuit signal.

To diagnose and fix the P0006 fault code, it is recommended to:

  1. Visually inspect the wiring harness and connectors for any obvious signs of damage or corrosion.

  2. Check for any shorts or open circuits in the wiring harness using a multimeter.

  3. Test the fuel shutoff valve for proper operation using a scan tool and following the manufacturer's instructions.

  4. Test the ECM to ensure it is functioning correctly. This may require specialized equipment and expertise.

  5. Repair or replace any faulty components as necessary.

Remember to consult the vehicle's service manual or seek professional assistance for proper diagnosis and repair of the P0006 fault code.

Possible Solutions

How to fix P0006?

The P0006 fault code refers to the Fuel Shutoff Valve "A" Control Circuit being too low. Here are some steps you can take to fix this issue:

  1. Check the fuel shutoff valve - Inspect the fuel shutoff valve for any damage or signs of wear. Ensure that it is functioning properly.

  2. Inspect the wiring and connectors - Examine the wiring harness and connectors associated with the fuel shutoff valve. Look for any loose connections, frayed wires, or corrosion. Repair or replace as necessary.

  3. Test the fuel shutoff valve solenoid - Using a multimeter, measure the resistance across the terminals of the fuel shutoff valve solenoid. Refer to the vehicle's service manual for the specific resistance values. Replace the solenoid if it is outside the acceptable range.

  4. Check for fuel system leaks - Inspect the fuel system for any leaks that may be causing the low circuit voltage. Repair any leaks and ensure proper fuel system operation.

  5. Reset the fault codes - After completing the necessary repairs, clear the fault codes using an OBD-II scanner. Test drive the vehicle to verify that the P0006 code does not return.

It is advisable to consult a professional mechanic or refer to your vehicle's service manual for specific instructions related to your car's make and model.